Cayman Property Review of 2018

Since 2008, Charterland have prided ourselves on providing the best in independent, impartial analysis of the Cayman Islands property market. Our review of the 2018 property market follows the same rigorous methodology in order to ensure that our readers can rely on the most accurate reporting. As per previous reports, our analysis of the Cayman Islands property market of 2018 begins with a review of every single property transfer registered with the Cayman Islands Government’s Land Registry for the calendar year. Since we are interested in the true market for “arm’s-length transactions” we have excluded from our analysis any sales by Court Order for nil consideration, transfers for Natural Love and Affection and transfers where there was no change in bene…cial ownership. Using this methodology, we are able to account for all sales for monetary value, rather than just part of the market, such as with CIREBA’s statistics, for example, whilst also ignoring any possible distortions possible through non-market transactions.